Colin Hemphill

Front End Engineer

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About Me

I have worked in professional web development since 2013, and specialize in front end technologies like React. I strive to build beautiful, accessible, functional, and performant applications that make the web a friendly and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Contact Information

  • Location: Austin, TX

Skills & Expertise


JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next.js, Redux, Jotai, Tailwind CSS, CSS/SASS, Vanilla Extract, Semantic HTML, Web Accessibility (A11y, WCAG, ARIA), Vercel, Serverless, Node.js, Git, Audio Engineering, Ableton Live, Public Speaking


React Native, GraphQL, Websockets, Angular, Vue.js, Webpack, Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere), Affinity Suite


PostgreSQL, Prisma, Java, Python, Go, AWS, Dev Ops, DigitalOcean, Redis, C++, JUCE, Unity

Professional Experience

Senior Front End Engineer, Team Lead at Bitly

June 2022Current

At Bitly I work with the Link Experience team on our flagship link shortener product. As tech lead for the team I’m responsible for driving decisions related to code health, new features, and software architecture of the React application that users rely on to create and manage their links and view engagement analytics.

Senior Software Engineer at The Zebra

February 2019May 2022

At The Zebra, I created front end applications in React and TypeScript within the Simplicity objective. I was responsible for implementing designs, building new features, and making continual improvements to a number of experiences, but primarily to the core funnel product. We focused on strict accessibility standards, performance, A/B testing, and maximizing conversions, while maintaining a user experience that makes the complex task of comparing insurance rates fast and simple. I was often responsible for leading tech initiatives, mentoring developers, and running the front end guild meetings. Some of my outstanding accomplishments include leading a complete rebuild of the core funnel application in Next.js, deprecating a legacy mobile web app in favor of new adaptive designs, moving the organization to TypeScript, and several major vendor integrations.

Full Stack Developer at Giftnix

April 2015February 2019

At Giftnix, I was lead engineer for a custom e-commerce platform designed for the purchase and instant delivery of digital gift cards. I also built and managed the internal admin and customer service systems for gift card orders and fraud mitigation efforts.

Full Stack Developer at Novation Mobile

August 2013April 2015

I worked directly with clients to build powerful, highly customized, real-time web applications from the ground up, then maintained and improved those applications as the clients grew.


B.S. in Computer Science

Belmont University

My coursework included Java programming, Programming Languages, Data and File Structures, Operating Systems, Computer Organization, Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Artificial Intelligence, and others. As part of the Honors program, I also completed a final thesis titled Applications of Audio Analysis Algorithms Using Discrete Fourier Transforms.

B.S. in Audio Engineering

Belmont University

I worked with professional engineers and producers in the recording industry, and trained in several world-class recording studios such as the Historic RCA Studio B and Ocean Way Nashville.

Hobbies & Interests

Most of my free time is spent creating music! I enjoy many elements of performance and production, and I play the guitar, piano, and drums. My professional training in audio engineering and my access to a well-equipped home studio leads to top quality audio and video production for music, podcasting, live streaming on Twitch, demo videos, and even Zoom video calls.

Additionally, I enjoy tabletop gaming, video games, travel, and podcasting. My wife and I host an anime podcast called The AniMonday Podcast.

On the side, I designed, created, and continue to maintain the following websites:,